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Jockstraps have made many changes over the years. At one time they were only used for mens sports for support and protection have evolved into a fashion item over the years. Many companies who market various styles of underwear and clothing have made jockstraps a fashion item with some with stylish designs more about fashion than athletic function. They take the old style sex appeal of a jockstrap and transform it into something very revealing and bold to wear. The modern jockstrap’s design even enhances your front and your back.

Jockstraps are the skimpiest underwear around. Because of this, underwear brands have very little room to incorporate their personal style. That’s why most brands do it big when doing jockstraps. Even when a company does a simple jock design, they still manage to make it a big hit hence maximizing the underwear's sexy silouette.

Some of the brands tend to keep things simple incorporating a contoured pouch and a contrasting waistband. #Do It! and Code 22 incorporate this in their design to make the jockstrap almost elegant – if it weren not so erotic. Jack Adams uses a more conservative design but incorporate different colors which are closer to the jockstraps roots. 

When looking for an athletic appeal, the Dick Wadd and Gym jocks are hard to beat. The jock is made with a wide waistband and styling that gives it the retro wrestler or football aesthetic. The colors are basic, but it is all about the pouch design. I could say something similar for the Jack Adams Jock which is all about the striped waistbands and the solid pouch colors but these tend to rock a hipster’s senses for fashion.

You can also find jockstraps that upstage the classic styles in the industry. Gregg Homme and Maskulo are hybrid styles are more erotic than any other jockstrap and have a high level of fashion in the design. They cover much less skin, but guys who wear them definately have something to show off.

So are you a jockstrap kind of guy? How many times a week do you wear a jockstrap instead of a brief or boxer brief? 

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