The official start of Spring is upon us and that means that it is time to get a new swimsuit or two, or five!  I mean you can't be seen in the same suit you wore last year and you certainly don't want to be wearing the same suit to all of the events and parties that you are sure to be invited to in the days ahead.  So, take some time and stop by the store on tool around online and check out the super sexy and body enhancing options from great brands and designers like NIT and LEADER - both out of beautiful Barcelona.   Then there are the old stand bys from Gregg Homme, Geronimo and Jack Adams - just to name a few.

First decide on the shape that you feel most comfortable in and that shows off all of your assets, then settle on the color/print and make sure to get a good beach towel to go along with the new suit(s).  We are here to help and we certainly won't steer you wrong or let you overpay!

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